Dyslexia Solutions

The Equality Act (2010) recognised the rights of disabled people (among others) to be protected from discrimination in the workplace.

  • 10% of the workplace is likely to be dyslexic/dyspraxic
  • All employers have a duty to be aware of dyslexia/dyspraxia and its effects
  • Most employers are unsure of the best ways to support dyslexic/dyspraxic employees
  • Many employers are unaware that small adjustments can make a great deal of difference
  • The whole workforce often benefits from the recommendations we make

Dyslexia Solutions for Employers and Employees

Dyslexia/Dyspraxia Assessments

  • Will identify strengths and difficulties
  • Make recommendations for support and training

Workplace Assessments

  • Involve a detailed analysis of the working environment
  • Individual support programmes are drawn up
  • Possible adjustments are explored through consultation.

Support in the workplace

  • To effectively implement recommendations (for example development of time management, organisation & Assistive Technology skills)
  • Support can take place on or off-site
  • Support is often weekly to begin with
  • Support can evolve into distance support by telephone and email


  • To raise awareness of dyslexia/dyspraxia
  • To create inclusive working environments – a dyslexia/dyspraxia friendly workplace will benefit all employees
  • Advice and consultancy
  • For employees, managers, trainers and HR departments
  • Funding to support staff in the workplace


Equality Act 2010  

The Equality and Human Rights Commission

Access to Work (AtW)

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Access to Work (AtW)

  • Operates through JobcentrePlus
  • Offers a grant towards costs arising from an employee‘s disability
  • Is designed to help if your disability is preventing you from making progress at work.

We have personal experience of working with adults in the workplace including:
    • Care workers, nurses, pathologists, charity workers

    • Electricians, decorators, engineers, car mechanics, caterers, security guards

    • People working in the police service, probation service, Young Offenders Teams, Fire and Rescue service, ambulance service

    • Call centre workers, people working in local government, planners, lecturers

    • Painters, dancers, illustrators, musicians

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