Dyslexia Solutions

Dyslexia Solutions for consultancy and support

We are happy to advise individuals and companies on specific issues relating to dyslexia/dyspraxia.

This might cover:

  • Advice concerning  appropriate and reasonable adjustments
  • Government funding that may be available
  • Developing a ‘best practice’ environment

Dyslexia Solutions can advise individuals and help them to make informed representations to their employers or tutors.
In the workplace or college Dyslexia Solutions can carry out audits of provision and, in partnership, help to create action plans for development.


Literacy support is often a small part of the support that dyslexic/dyspraxic adults need. Organisational and time management difficulties are likely to cause as many or more problems.

Our approach is based on the principle of modelling and mentoring to develop independence in dyslexic/dyspraxic adults.  

Typically support is in the form of weekly 1:1 sessions but can also be monthly, for groups or distance support by text, email or telephone.

Do you want an inclusive workplace but
are unsure what’s involved?

Do you need advice on support for employees?

Are you finding it hard to explain your difficulties to your boss or tutor?

Are you uncertain about your rights and responsibilities?

Would you like to know more about how small adjustments can improve the
working and learning environment for everyone?

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